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Feb. Agenda

Clarksburg C-II School
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
February20, 2013
7:30 p.m

7:30 Establishment of Quorum
1) Call to Order

2) Approve Agenda

3) Consent Agenda

a. Approve all previous minutes
b. Approve bills
c. Approve transfer from incidental funds to special revenue to pay certificated salaries.

4) Comment from Public and Patrons

5) Old Business
a. Second reading of policy, for decision:  BBBB, DLB, EBBA, ECG, FEF, GBCC, GCBDA, GDBDA, EGBE, IGBE, IGC, IGCE, IND, JCB, JECC,    JG-R, JHCD, JHCF, JO

6) New Business
a. Replacement of computers in Jr. High classroom
b. Resignation

7) Superintendents Report

8) Executive Session
a. Personnel-review of applications for supt. position
b. Student Concerns

9) Adjourn


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