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Jan. Minutes

Clarksburg C-II School
Board of Education
Regular Meeting
January 18, 2012
7:30 p.m

7:30 Establishment of Quorum

Call to Order- Meeting was called to order by President John Arnold.
Members Present- John Arnold, Brandon Klein, Matt Sutton, Robert Potter, and Justin Martin.
Members Not Present- Jo Cox
Also Present- Diana Potter and Wendy Brock

Motion was made by Justin Martin with a second by Gale Hodges to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 6-0.

Consent Agenda- after discussion and a correction to the December minutes a motion was made by Brandon Klein with a second by Matt Sutton to approve the consent agenda. Motion carried 6-0.

Comment from Public and Patrons- Diana Potter reported on behalf of the teachers. Announcements she made were St. Andrews basketball tournament results, CSIA delivered baskets to citizens of Clarksburg before Christmas, Student Council did goodie bags for the K-4, Student Council dance was well attended, and Pennies for Patient would soon be starting.

Old Business
    Board Policy GBH was presented for the second time. A motion was made by Justin Martin to approve the policy with a statement added to include high school students we are fiscally responsibly for. Second was made by Gale Hodges. Motion was approved 6-0.

    Bleachers- Mrs. Brock presented cost for additional seating in the gym. A motion was made by Robert Potter with a second by Matt Sutton to purchase two additional 12’ sections of bleachers to add to existing bleachers. Motion carried 6-0.

New Business
    Applications for the administrative assistant position were discussed. Mrs. Brock reported that Rhiannon Hees has been filling in and has been doing a great job. Robert Potter made a motion that upon Mrs. Brock’s recommendation we offer the position to Rhiannon Hees. Second was made by Brandon Klein. Motion carried 6-0.

Superintendents Report
    Mrs. Brock reported the tuition for the California Schools had been raised without her knowledge, therefore budget information would be slightly off.
Mr. Rex and I have been working on some alternatives for the gym floor. We have looked at the possibility of covering the floor with another surface to keep for getting slick.

    We have had water issues due to the project in town. We have handled this with water jugs for drinking and 55 gallon barrels for flushing toilets.

    Enrollment—we have had 9 new students since break. We lost five at break and two since break. Leaving us with a current enrollment of 93.

Executive Session- there was no executive session at this meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 with a motion by Justin Martin and a second by Brandon Klein.


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