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December Board Meeting Minutes of Regular Session

January 14, 2013

Clarksburg C-II School
Board of Education
Minutes of Open Session
Regular Meeting
December 19, 2012
7:30 p.m

7:30 Establishment of Quorum
Call to Order- The meeting was called to order by President John Arnold.
Members Present: John Arnold, Justin Martin, Tawnya Pace, Brandon Klein, Robert Potter.
Members Not Present: Jo Cox and Gale Hodges
Also Present: Casey Anderson, Nancy Hartman and Wendy Brock.

Approve Agenda- Motion was made by Robert Potter to approve the agenda with the addition of security system under new business. Second was made by Justin Martin. Motion carried 5-0.

Consent Agenda- After review of consent agenda, motion was made by Justin Martin to approve consent agenda. Second was made by Brandon Klein. Motion carried 5-0.

Comment from Public and Patrons- Nancy Hartman and Casey Anderson were present to represent the staff. Winter Dance was a success. Brooklynn Pace and Tommy Romano were crowned Prince and Princess, with Annie Martin and Roman Gonzalez being crowned King and Queen. The staff expressed a thank you to the board for the opportunity to gather and have Christmas dinner. Teachers made donations to add food supplies to the buddy backpack for the long break. Lions Club donated money for coats for students that may not have them. Mrs. Hartman conducted a contest that was open to all junior high students. 20 of the 34 did the contest. Brittany Ellington was among the winners for the nationwide contest. She won a monitor prize. 6-8th grade are planning a bowling party for their Christmas parties. Clarksburg participated in the High Point Tournament. Girls took first place and boys took 4th.

Old Business
Building concerns- Mrs. Brock reported that Septagon would be completing the sealing of the building over Christmas break, weather permitting.

New Business
Audit- the audit was presented for approval. There were only two concerns the auditor had. One being the internal controls of money due to the fact that there is only one admin. Approving the purchasing and paying of all supplies. The second was the finical report not being published last year. Robert Potter made a motion to approve the audit. Second was made by Tawnya Pace. Motion carried 5-0.
Alarm system- Mrs. Brock present a bid from ADT on a security system for the school. After discuss Mrs. Brock will look into other systems as well.

Superintendents Report-
Report was presented on attendance and enrollment for the past month.
Reminders of board filing closing date of January 15.
Thank you to the Board for the Christmas dinner.
Rough estimate of demolition cost were present. Estimate coming from Marshall’s of $80,000 if no asbestos found.
Asbestos survey will be completed on Dec. 28th.

Executive Session- was entered at 8:40.
Returned to Open Session at 9:05.
Motion to adjourn was made by Robert Potter with a second by Brandon Klein.


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